Primary / Play School Project 

We have our own Primary School / Play School Project starting from Class Nursery to Class IV and not only that we have a Play School Project Also. Here Student can get a suitable Classes with all Subject including Extra Curriculum Activities like Mid-Brain, Graphical Training on Hand Writing, Drawing, Computer Training etc…

We Provide School Dress and Bags with Exercise Books from our side in a minimum cost with Monthly Fees starting from  Rs.400/- only and Admission Fees starting from Rs.500/- and above.

We are now Looking for a Place of 6 Rooms in a Building to open our New Branches of our School (RAMKRISHNA VIVEKANANDA MISSION) because we have our Own Trust where we have a Permission to open Primary and Play / Pre School in all over India. 6 Rooms means 1 Room for Official Purpose, 1 Room for Teachers, 3 Rooms for Class where from 07:30 A.M. to 10:30 A.M. will be for Class Nursery to Class I and from 11:30 A.M. to 04:30 P.M. for Class II to Class IV and One Room is for Wash Room. 

If any one wants to open a Primary School then in this way Rooms are required with all of Decorations to Run the School perfectly. Here a Nominal Investment for License or our Membership is required where 70% is for the Owner’s and 30% will be at our Part mutually agreed.  We will take all the responsibilities to Run the School Perfectly through Advertisement and all of Technical / Non-Technical Supports.  But here if any one wants to Open Play or Pre School then only 3 Rooms and one Wash Room it will be possible with a nominal investment. All the Projects will be done in a Legal Proceedings. 

Contact through E-MAIL


● Let’s learn ABC (Shyam’s)
● Rhymes are fun. book-A ( Shyam’s)
● रि मझि म गीत भाग – क (Shyam)
● Counting is fun (1-20) (Shyam’s)
● ছড়ার মে লা ১(Shyam’s)
● Draw and colour (part 0) (future)

Lower Nursery

● English A.B.C.D(Arunoday Prakashan)
● Rhymes are fan (book 3) (shyam’s)
● मेरा प्रथम अक्षर ज्ञान (Kangaroo)
● प्यारेगीत(1)(Shail Prakashan)
● বর্ণপর্ণ রি চয়(Aditya)
● ছড়ার ছড়া (প্রতীক প্রকাশন)
● Futures number writing book (1 to 50)
● My book of cut and paste (Aditya)
● Fans with colours B (arunodoy)

Upper Nursery

● Learning Made Easy Phonics- level B (New leaf publishing houses)
● Rock with rhymes C (Kangaroo)
● केरल शब्द ज्ञान
● केरल गीतमाला B
● বর্ণপর্ণ রি চয় প্রথম ভাগ (Aditya)
● ছ োটদে র পাগলা ঘ োড়া ছবি ও ছড়া (Aditya)
● Learning Made Easy Maths (level B)
(New leaf publishing house)
● Learning my first picture book (levelB) (New leaf publishing house)
● Fun with colours 1 ( Arunodoy)


● Hollyhock primer B (Kangaroo)
● मेरा प्रथम स्वर ज्ञान(Kangaroo)
● My Merry Book of maths (Kangaroo)
● সাহি ত্য স ৌরভ ক (Shyam’s)
● My Picture Dictionary (Shyam’s)
● Colouring is fun – book C (shyam’s)


● Stairway 1 (head word)
● All about English grammar (Hungerford world press)
● Targeting mathematics book 1 (Madhuban)
● परि बेश 1 (Viva)
● সাহি ত্য স ৌরভ 2 (shyam’s)
● Environmental studies _ 1 (Viva)
● Enhanced science now-1(Collins)
● Fun with colours 2 (Arunodoy)

Class -ii

● Stairway 2 (head word)
● Learning edge grammar -book 2 (Eduline)
● Maths zest -part 2 (Head ward)
● Environmental studies -part 2 (Madhuban)
● Enhanced science now -part 2 (Collins)
● Enlightens the mind -Part-2 (Carol)
● परि बेश 2 (Viva)
● भाषा उपवन 1(Frank)
● বাংলা সাহি ত্য পরি চয় ২ (কথা ও কাহি নী প্রকাশনী)
● নি উ ডে জ বাংলা ব্যাকরণ – দ্বি তীয় শ্রে ণী
● Fun with colour -part 3 (Arunodoy)


● Stairway part 3 (Head word)
● Learning edge grammar part 3 (Eduline)
● Maths Zest part 3 (Head ward)
● বাংলা সাহি ত্য পরি চয় ৩ (কথা ও কাহি নী)
● নি উ ডে জ বাংলা ব্যাকরণ তৃতীয় শ্রে ণি
● परि वेश 3 (Viva)
● व्याकरण वाटि का 3 (Madhuban)
● Environmental studies part 3 (Madhuban)
● Social studies part 3 (Viva)
● Enhanced science now part 3 (Collins)
● Enlightens the mind part 3 (Carol)
● Draw and colour part 2 (Future)


● Stairway part 4 (head word)
● Learning Edge grammar book 4 (Eduline)
● Maths Zest book 4 (Head word)
● परि वेश 4 (Viva)
● व्याकरण वाटि का (Madhuban)
● বাংলা সাহি ত্য পরি চয় 4 (কথা ও কাহি নী)
● নি উ ডে জ বাংলা ব্যাকরণ চতুর্থ শ্রে ণি
● Environmental studies part 4 (Viva)
● Social studies part 4 (Viva)
● Enhanced science now part 4 (Collins)
● Enlightens the mind part 4 (Carol)
● Draw and colour part 3 ( Future)


● Stairway part 5 (Head word)
● New grammar with smile part 5 (Head word)
● Math zest 5 (Head word)
● परि वेश 5 (Viva)
● व्याकरण वाटि का 5 (Madhuban)
● বাংলা সাহি ত্য পরি চয় 5 (কথা ও কাহি নী)
● নি উ ডে জ বাংলা ব্যাকরণ পঞ্চম শ্রে ণী
● Environmental studies part 5 (Madhuban)
● Social studies part 5 (Viva)
● Enhanced science now part 5 (Collins)
● Enlightens the mind part 5 (Carol)


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